May your dreams never leave you.

Christine. 20. Single. Bi.
I love sweets, horses and Taylor Swift.
My best friend is a goofy little horse named Jay.


Danny Phantom storyboard samples by Ian Graham (Part 1 of 2). Registered & Protected


Danny Phantom character designs by Benjamin Balistreri.

"Here are some designs done to give the storyboard artists something to work from. I always enjoyed adding some color, but it was never really followed. These are all pencil and marker on animation paper. The design for Technus 3.0 made it all the way through the board pitch for the episode, "Identity Crisis" but then it was realized that the design didn’t work for what needed to happen in the story. Whoops, should have read the script I guess." ~ Benjamin Balistreri. Registered & Protected


Danny Phantom "Identity Crisis" storyboards sequence by Benjamin Balistreri (Part 2 of 2).

"Here is another segment of my board for Danny Phantom: Identity Crisis. The Techno-ghost: Technus, takes over the Fenton-RV and goes flying through the city. If you ever catch the episode on TV, you’ll notice some of this was cut. Mostly due to time. Again I just left out the dialog and screen direction to save on space." ~ Benjamin Balistreri. Registered & Protected

where you met taylor: beach

childhood friend: abigail anderson

enemy: kanye west

hairbrush song: want u back

she taught you to: play the banjo

taylor usually takes you to: award shows Registered & Protected



Heres the first half if the new Mockingjay trailer! They kicked me out before I could finish the whole thing

we salute your courage and your sacrifice Registered & Protected Registered & Protected



Sunhat girl


Sunhat girl Registered & Protected



7th of November, 1987

omg Registered & Protected

onslotcreative: Behind-the-scenes with the beautiful @taylorswift shooting promo for the upcoming @iheartradio Music Festival 2014. #Onslot #iHeartRadioMusicFestival #TaylorSwift #OnslotCreative #iHRMF (x)

onslotcreativeBehind-the-scenes with the beautiful @taylorswift shooting promo for the upcoming @iheartradio Music Festival 2014. #Onslot #iHeartRadioMusicFestival #TaylorSwift #OnslotCreative #iHRMF (x) Registered & Protected


#i'm laughing


starts singing: its raaaiinning yangimage

hallelujah Registered & Protected